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MAS can provide a cabling system that can support audio, video, data, voice, computer networking, internet access and security monitoring. We use products from the industry’s leading suppliers and cover all the items required for the installation of the high performance cabling for data transmission and network access points.


SmokeCloak is a security feature to prevent or delay intruders from gaining access to protected areas by reducing visibility. Install SmokeCloak at your premises and within seconds of a break-in, the protected area is filled with an impenetrable fog. This provides an effective barrier and forces intruders to leave the premises, as well as providing a delay in which the police can respond to the alarm.

Personal Attack and Nurse Call

Personal attack and nurse-call systems provide a network of 2-way communication devices, linked to a local monitoring point. By using both wireless and wired security devices connected to the monitoring point, assistance can be rapidly summoned at the press of a button.

The system can identify the source and location of the events for an instantaneous and accurate response. This can be integrated into CCTV and/or Access Control systems for further flexibility. This infinitely changeable and expandable system is ideal for schools, hospitals and office complexes.


Having problems with loitering outside your home or business? The Mosquito anti-loitering device can help. The system works by providing an ultrasonic high-pitched noise that is very annoying (although not dangerous) and assists with warding off gangs of unwanted youths, without the need for confrontation.

Mosquito is 100% safe and legal to own, complies with HSE noise regulations and requires no planning permissions to install.

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